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What is Dental Wand Anesthesia?

Rather than using traditional shots and needles, your dentist can use a wand, a pen-like handheld device, to quickly numb your tooth. The pen is attached to a small computer with a cartridge of anesthetic on top. When it's time for your dentist to numb the area, they'll use a foot pedal to turn the machine on while holding the pen on your tooth.

Unlike shots or needles, a dental wand has pressure feedback which will slow down when it meets resistance, alerting the dentist to change the wand's position -  a common cause of dental pain during injections is a dentist pushing down too hard while administering local anesthetic with a traditional needle.

Benefits of Dental Wand Anesthesia

  • Designed for patient comfort
  • Non-threatening, clean, pen-like appearance
  • Precise placement when administering anesthetic
  • Anesthetic is automatically delivered at a consistent flow rate
  • Machine alerts the dentist if there is any resistance during the procedure so they can change the position of the wand

How Can I Find a Dentist Who Uses The Wand?

A dental anesthesia wand can make going to the dentist a lot easier for patients with dental anxiety. Many dentists offer The Wand or a similar handheld numbing device to treat patients that do not want a traditional anesthetic injection.

If you are looking for a dentist that uses The Wand/dental wand anesthesia in Salem , Pearly Whites Family Dentistry uses dental wand anesthesia to help make our patients' visits more comfortable. For more information on dental wand anesthesia or to request an appointment, call (503) 585-4282 or schedule an appointment using our online scheduling tool today.

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